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November 30, 2021

As usual, Heather and I came, we saw, and we ate!  At the tail end of their peak travel season, Heather and I traveled to the Maine coastline.  I had been to Maine as a child but Heather had never been. We flew into Portland for two days and then we rented a car to drive up the coast and stay in a few beautiful coastal towns.  We also spent time hiking in Acadia National Park which was one of the highlights of the trip!


While in Maine, we definitely had our share of seafood!  The land of Lobster and Haddock! Heather’s favorite was lobster Mac and cheese and haddock tacos.  I really enjoyed the classic lobster rolls with lemon and butter.  Clam dip and the Maine potato donuts were also a hit!


If you haven’t been to Maine, it’s a wonderful East Coast trip, less than two hours by flight from Raleigh!