Have you been to the Morgan Street Food Hall yet?!!?  It's one of the latest attractions to hit the Raleigh food scene.  Heather and I decided to see what the hype was all about after many people had suggested that we go.  This concept is new to the area.  There are many food vendors with all types of food under one roof.  It is the perfect opportunity to try many different types of food and creative dishes.  We met there for lunch on a Friday and the timing was perfect.  We didn't have a hard time ordering food or finding a seat.  Heather went to the "Curry in a Hurry" booth and ordered some of their vegetable samosas which she had at their food truck on another occasion.  They are a classic Indian dish consisting of spiced potatoes wrapped in a crispy pastry that is served with a date and tamarind sweet chutney.  Also, she thought the Korean wings at the neighboring booth, "The Broth" looked good so she ordered them as well with a Korean pork slider!  After a friend's recommendation, I went right for the Iyla's Southern Kitchen booth.  They had these amazing Pimento Cheese topped tator tots which made the picture above. For your sake, the Chicken and Waffle sandwich that I got did not make the picture (you may end up shirking your afternoon responsibilities at work and going straight for this sandwich if I would have included it!).  It looked so good and was so tasty that I ate it before Heather or I could snap a picture.  Needless to say, it is highly recommended!  We are ready to go back to explore more of the vendors at the Food Hall especially when we have family and friends come in from out of town.  It's the perfect space for a group of people with many different types of taste buds or if you are trying to expand your taste palate.