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June 08, 2020

We have wanted to try the SnapPea pop up caterings that one of my clients told me about a few years ago. Heather has been receiving their emails for a while now, but we have not been unable to buy tickets because they sell out so quickly! If you don’t have a timer set when the tickets are about to go on sale you can forget about it. In an effort to have a unique date night experience during quarantine, Heather was excited to find out that SnapPea was offering at-home cook-alongs. The idea is they deliver a box of veggies to your house (or you can pick them up at a specific location) along with recipes and then at 5 pm you log into a Zoom session to enjoy a cooking lesson!

It was a lot of fun! I even was able to pick up some new cooking techniques and polish up my knife skills. Heather enjoyed it as well. After we cooked, which took about two hours in total, we were able to enjoy the dinner we made together. Our menu included a sugar snap pea and strawberry salad, egg shakshuka with fresh green onions and kale and green onion johnnie cakes. It was all very fresh being that we used produce from local farmers and it turned out to be something we would definitely be willing to cook again.

I highly recommend joining one of these classes. Not to mention it helps support local farms and chefs!