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September 07, 2017

I had the craving for chicken wings, so Heather and I went to one of our old favorites in Downtown Raleigh that never disappoints, Woody's at City Market.  This is a place we will go to anytime we want good bar food that doesn't break the bank!  We went on a Friday and so we were able to catch live music while we were there!  Another major perk is that every sports game that is being played, even re-runs from the week, are being displayed on numerous TVs around the bars.  All in all, it is a great casual place to end the work week. 

As for the food, we always open our meal at Woody's with the Buffalo Chicken Rangoon.  These are just like the classic Crab Rangoon you would get at a Chinese Restaurant, but these have a buffalo chicken dip on the inside of the Rangoon. They are flash fried and then drizzled with their medium heat buffalo sauce topped off with a side of ranch to dip them in.  Perfection - They are as good as they sound!  For our entrees, Heather enjoyed the Woody's Melt sandwich with tater tots.  This sandwich is chicken fingers (you can choose a dipping sauce - she got the Kickin' Garlic), with pepper jack cheese, bacon and tomato!  She was very pleased.  I got the single order of chicken wings (10), half spicy BBQ flavor and half hot flavor with ranch on the side.  I love chicken wings and Woody's never lets me down.  These wings are always flavorful and have a healthy amount of chicken on the wing. We didn't get a dessert this week because we splurged on a few adult beverages.  Not only do we enjoy trying foods, but we have have also grown to love sampling new beers, especially with the recent BOOM of fantastic breweries in North Carolina.  Heather has been on a sour beer kick all summer and Woody's has her favorite Mother Earth Berliner Weisse from Kinston, NC.  I like to try a few different things when a restaurant has an impressive beer list like Woody's.  The two I tried this trip were Bond Brothers Local IPA  from Cary, NC and Wicked Weed Coolcumber (Golden Ale with cucumbers, basil & juniper berries) from Asheville, NC. 


As I said before, Woody's never disappoints when you just want a low-key spot with great food!  If you haven't been, you should give it a try!