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Learn * Explore * Try

Here is the November edition of LET (Learn/Explore/Try)- your new source of potential ways to enjoy the time that you have regained by allowing my team and I to worry about your money for you.

As a lifelong learner, Triangle enthusiast, and avid foodie, I am constantly reading to learn about different topics, seeking new adventures in the Raleigh area, and trying new foods. Each month I will curate a new list of findings by answering the following questions:

  • What am I reading or listening to?
  • What new food or restaurant is on my radar?
  • What has me excited right now about life in the Raleigh region?

I hope this newsletter helps you continue learning and discovering new things along your path of financial freedom!

LET’s give it another go!

What am I reading or listening to?

How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger. As someone who goes to the doctor religiously for an annual physical, I have started viewing lab work as a ‘report card’ for my nutrition and exercise practices. For the past two years, my LDLs (i.e. bad cholesterol) have been slightly elevated which has grown increasingly frustrating as it has prevented me from getting straight A’s on this ‘report card.’ While high cholesterol and heart disease do run in my family, I am not ready to turn in the towel and blame these LDLs on genetics. Instead (likely to my wife’s dismay as I have been walking around the house quoting this book for the past two weeks), I have started reading How Not To Die which explains how nutrition and lifestyle intervention can sometimes trump prescriptions pills and other pharmaceutical approaches. If you are open to experimenting with your nutrition and lifestyle habits, I would highly recommend this book as food for thought!

What new food or restaurant is on my radar?

Saltbox Seafood Joint! For some of the best seafood in the Triangle, do yourself a favor and go check this place out. Heather and I recently went for our first visit to their new location and we are both still talking about how much we enjoyed it. I ordered the spicy mahi plate and she ordered the flounder plate. Each plate comes with seasoned sliced potatoes, a citrus flavored slaw, and delicious homemade tartar and cocktail sauce. While the plate will likely be enough food, be sure to splurge on an order of their Hush-Honeys!

What has me excited right now about life in the Raleigh region?

The Rialto Theatre will be showing Christmas movies during the month of December. Elf will be playing on December 13th and It’s A Wonderful Life on December 20th. For a night of holiday cheer, pack into the car and listen to your favorite Christmas music playlist on your way to this local theatre for buttery popcorn and a classic holiday movie!

Cheers this month to cultivating and practicing gratitude throughout this holiday season and beyond!